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Driving Your Ambition to Shape the World

Understanding how the world works

The world is constantly changing around us in so many ways: politically, socio-culturally, environmentally and economically, as well as through new technology and laws that regulate and influence our behavior. Each of these interrelated factors plays a role in global and societal successes and failures, which can impact people either positively or negatively. By analyzing the challenges we face and getting more involved, with a view to making meaningful changes that improve lives, we can mitigate against potential risks and shape the world around us. We have great influence upon how our future develops. People make things happen and connectivity can bring valuable contribution to local and global progress. Together we can create a global exchange of ideas and solutions that will help us evolve as a society and individuals.

Starting a conversation

Solving problems and making progress can be accelerated with a hive mind. As individuals and important members of society, we all have a vital part to play in finding all sorts of solutions to life’s challenges. We all know that problems can be big or small but so too are the solutions. You might come up with a simple idea that can help to make a difference in someone’s life in some small way. At the same time, you might come up with a great solution that can change the world. No matter what it is, share your idea and start a discussion. We talk and debate our opinions and ideas with our circle of family, friends and colleagues each day.  We often believe we’ve found a great solution to a particular issue. Yet, we go on about our busy lives and our voices remain unheard on a bigger scale. What if this conversation could lead to something more?

Taking Your Voice Further

One Vote Up is the place where the whole world can hear you!

Our mission, vision and core values fully support inclusivity and diversity. Our global platform allows for targeting specific audiences based on country, city, and exact location, and benefits our users through other helpful features. Together these features provide a platform that’s welcoming to the whole world. We encourage you to submit new ideas and solutions with the world in the language of your choice, either on a local issue close to your heart or on any global issue you care about. This is your opportunity to play your part in shaping the future, by sharing your personal view with your chosen audience, to be heard and get the world’s attention.

We give you a VOICE!

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Let’s Shape the World

We are all problem solvers.

One vote Up gives you a voice and a global space to share and nurture your ideas. Change and progress come from people; when people get together, they can solve society’s most pressing problems. Our platform offers you an exciting opportunity to play a key role in this meaningful decision-making process.

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