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This service costs just €5.99, which helps to fund the upkeep of this platform and its evolution in the future.

Personal success is not just about profit but also value creation. One Vote Up gives you the opportunity to carve out success for yourself or your company, while helping others along the way.

If this is what you stand for and have something of value to share with a particular local or global audience, whether it is a passion you have or a thirst for creativity, this is the place to promote your business or yourself as an individual. With One Vote Up, you can reach a global audience, a niche market, or potential investors and clients. You can advertise your business, attract new interest, reach the right people, crowdfund projects, create brand awareness and gather essential feedback. Whatever your goal, this will set you on the path to personal success and commercial recognition.

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Driving Your Hunger to Create Your Own Success

One Vote Up is passionate about driving you to reach your potential and achieve the success and recognition you deserve. When you promote yourself or your business and share your creativity or other insights with the One Vote Up community, you can connect with other like-minded people or future clients, attract eager investors or potential business partners.


Simple, this is your space! This is where your creativity, passion, ideas and business strategy are nurtured so they can grow, develop, gain popularity and reach the right people. So, get creative and get strategic!

Target any audience

When you advertise yourself or your business and share any other personal insights, you can promote your submission to a specific group or community or alternatively, a wider audience. Whether your preferred audience is local, national or global, you can select a particular country, city and exact location by using our location targeting tools.

Share on social media

Use One Vote Up in conjunction with your other social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) to further connect with the relevant audience or market, thereby creating momentum to engage people and promote yourself or your business. Spread the word to generate more votes and get more feedback.

Gain more recognition

Whether you have your own website or blog, are an expert in a particular field, or are part of a large company seeking even more recognition, the Create Your Own Success option is a dedicated promotion-sharing space where you can gain more traction through our voting and feedback features, and where you can reach people from all over the world with similar interests.


You are designed to grow. Your business is designed to grow. Our platform supports you to get there faster. Use location targeting, voting and commentary tools to conduct essential market research. Analyze the feedback to gauge popularity and potential for success or to tweak and improve your project where needed. Be creative and inspiring, strategize!

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A Little Inspiration Goes a Long Way

What are you passionate about? How can you transform that passion into personal and commercial success? Can you achieve personal success while still helping others? The answer is YES and we’re here to help you achieve your goals! Below are some suggestions on how One Vote Up can be used to promote yourself and your business, or share any other submissions that are important to you and your specific audience. We want you to have freedom in what you submit so it’s easier for you to create success and value for yourself and others. Your content can vary widely based on your goals and objectives, so be creative, strategize, and submit any personal and business offers that help you promote yourself or your business. These examples are just starting points for inspiration. This is your space!


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