A Space for Transforming Ideas into Local & Global Solutions

From every crisis, an idea is born. In 2020, during Covid-19, we saw the need for change in the world. One Vote Up was established in response to this crisis. We believe that a global exchange of ideas and solutions can transform the world’s approach to social issues. So, we created a global idea-sharing platform where all problem solvers can connect and submit new ideas, develop new solutions and build a future we can all be proud of.


Our Vision

We envision a space where we can all work together as one to solve problems and find solutions; a space to create positive social change; a space to help each other; a space to create generations of people who constantly grow and engage for the world’s future.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower people to create and share ideas that express what matters most to them. We bridge physical barriers to connect people at local, national and global level, through collaboration and innovation. We seek to create great outcomes for the future.

Our Values


We believe that through empathy, we can make progress on the increasingly complex problems facing society and build meaningful relationships that promote harmony in the world.


We work with a purpose in mind. We’re passionate about making a difference and the world is hungry for change. On this path together, we will take steps to change the world and create success for ourselves.


We nurture altruistic behavior by motivating individuals and communities to work together and help each other to achieve a more meaningful existence and enhanced wellbeing for all.


We are inclusive and accessible to all people. Leaders come in many forms: idea-creators, collaborators, voters and question-makers are all important expressions of leadership that can shape the world.

Social Innovation

We drive innovation, solutions, ideas and creativity that meet social needs. In the process, we foster the wellbeing and welfare of individuals and communities all around the world.

Personal Development

We encourage personal development through critical and creative thinking. By starting important conversations and exploring ideas and solutions together, we can learn and grow both as individuals and collectively.


We support one another by creating meaningful connections and actively joining together. Through communication, collaboration and helping each other, we drive change and create thriving communities.


We promote integrity in all aspects of our mission and vision. Strong moral and ethical principles create a good society, and we want to project that to everyone so we can achieve the best outcomes for our future.

Let's Shape Our Future