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One Vote Up is an idea-sharing platform based on targeting specific local and global audiences.

We provide two options:

Create the World: Invites you to submit your ideas, opinions, and solutions, to create positive change in your own community or anywhere else in the world.

Create Your Own Success: Encourages you to make personal or business submissions that can help you reach the right people, to create success for yourself or your company.

You can then invite the public to vote up and share your submissions to encourage collaboration, generate interest and gain valuable feedback.

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How it Works

Your Two Options

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Submit Your Idea

Submit your ideas, views and opinions, share your thoughts, highlight issues and propose solutions to any current problems or challenges based on six categories:

All these external factors are closely related and impact each and every one of us in one way or another. Whatever problem you may wish to highlight or hope to solve, One Vote Up provides you with the specific audience and feedback you need, whether at a local, national, or global level.

With this option, you can address the issues that matter most to you and create positive change in the world. To find out more, click here.

This option is 100% FREE!

Browse and Search Ideas

Want to discover more, search for a particular idea or solution in your own community or anywhere else in the world? With this option you can also browse and search for any submissions based on the above six categories.


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Submit Your Offer

Make any submissions based on three categories:

This option encourages creativity, entrepreneurship, and business. It is for anyone with a creative and innovative mind, entrepreneurial thinkers, and business owners. It offers a slightly different approach for whether it is a more personal or business focused purpose. Here, you can unwind, be creative or use various strategies to reach a specific local or global audience. You can share your own creative work, market your business to attract interest, submit your business idea or crowdfund for a great project to potential investors. Whatever your goal, One Vote Up allows you to target a niche market and gather essential feedback that will set you on the path of personal and commercial success.

With this option, you can create success for yourself while you help and provide value to others. To find out more, click here.

This option costs just €1.99, which helps to fund the upkeep of this platform.

Browse and Search Offers

Want to discover more, look for inspiration, search for something specific in your own community or anywhere else in the world? With this option you can also browse and search for any submissions based on the above three categories.

What We Offer

Key Features

This allows you to submit your ideas and solutions, or any other personal or business submissions, based solely on location. You can target and reach specific audiences anywhere in the world. Whatever your idea, solution, or proposal, it needs to reach the right people, in the right place, at the right time. One Vote Up uses location targeting tools to promote your submission to the relevant audience at a local, national or global level. It also allows users to browse ideas by geographical location, so you can keep up to date with developments in your local area or other regions of interest.

While you focus on saving the world or creating your own success, we provide the targeting. Both options offer specific targeting based on:

Promote the most popular ideas and solutions. One Vote Up users have the option to vote for any and all ideas and submissions they consider worthwhile. The convenient vote count indicator signals the popularity of your submission and its potential.

Currently, some of our biggest challenges need global responses. Communication between people is vital, and local or global collaboration is an excellent opportunity to bring people together. One Vote Up seeks to connect the world and bring your ideas and solutions to the people that need them most. Make your submission in the language of your choice to target the relevant audience.

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Posting Features

Upload eye-catching images or YouTube videos to accompany your submission to catch the public’s attention, raise awareness and generate even more interest.

Users can start conversations, have their say on an idea or solution, and engage with other personal or business submissions. This offers users a virtual space for feedback or market research.

You can share your submission or any other post that you feel needs promoting across various social media platforms. Spread the word and generate more votes.

Creating our future is always a work in progress. Update your submission following discussions and suggestions from the One Vote Up community to develop an even better solution or strategy.

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Why We Do It

Change cannot happen without the help of others, so we want to bring the world together. We are passionate about creating a brighter future for people through collaboration and helping each other. Everything starts with an idea and One Vote Up can help turn that idea into reality. We are eager to create generations of people who constantly grow and engage for the world’s future.

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Now is the Time for Change

What a unique opportunity: to explore each other’s ideas and creative solutions, build communities, and play our part in creating a brighter future for all. Wherever you are in the world and whatever matters most to you, One Vote Up will help you transform your ideas into meaningful local and global solutions.