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In August, 2016, The World Economic Forum highlighted that, “over the next 15 years, the cumulative costs of non-communicable diseases will be five times greater than the costs of the global financial crisis in the 15 years following 2008.
In April, 2020, business leaders such as Gianfranco Casati, CEO of Accenture Growth Markets, affirmed “we used to say every business will be a digital business but today we say every business will be a health business. Companies will need to invest in resources that make customers and employees alike, feel safe and that ensure the continuation of commercial activity”.
Crucially, before any mention of pandemic, brands perceived to be meaningfully associated with our overall wellbeing, outperformed local stock market by 134% and increased share of wallet by up to nine times; (Havas Media Group’s ‘Meaningful Brands Report’, 2019).
Our idea . . .
Over the past 20+mths, we’ve helped a cross-section of teams at University College London Hospital, (UCLH), fast-track actionable innovation projects. As the collaboration grew, so consultants and academics expressed interest in applying their experience and insight to external commercial challenges.
A strategy, content and experiential collective of doctors, researchers, behavioural and socio-economic scientists, together with marketing practitioners was born.
Through our understanding of how health and wellbeing-led behaviour influences brand advocacy, our objective is to help every organisation become wellbeing-driven; to help organisations optimise their Wellbeing Impact inside, outside and beyond their enterprise and so answer the question question . . . ‘What might businesses and brands achieve, were they to be WellBeing-Driven?’.
The attached video link is just one example of how that can be manifest.
We are seeking to collaborate with like-minded strategists, media, brand and business leaders, in order to build a Global WellBeing Impact Advisory Board, capable of making ‘WellBeing-Driven’ as vital a business best practice as diversity, equality and sustainability.
We are early stage; your feedback and critique are hugely welcome.
Thank you,
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